Impossible Tasks and what to do about them!

Holy moly! Looking back episode 1 & 2 were rough… I’m really happy about episode 3! This episode we get into the “Impossible Task” concept! First, I explore some of the roots I believe lead to this. Second, I offer some of my favorite tools and resources to check those tasks off your list. However, this episode will be a very surface and limited exploration. Fortunately, there is always more to learn! I love discovering ways to understand our own minds!

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1985 – Rapture

My first real house after I was born was a red condo up in Concord. There was a brass “5” on the front porch beam. We had a deck and a yard but I remember the inside being fairly dark, blandly appointed and with brown low-shag carpet that was common to the era.

We only lived there for two years or so before moving to the Outer Sunset. My parents got divorced immediately after moving to Concord and the roommate thing wasn’t working out. My first vivid memory in this house was of sitting in a diaper, staring up at the TV. The “A View to A Kill” music video was on. From this room, the main hall and stairs were behind me. I looked back – My dad was at the top of the stairs and my mom was in the bottom of the stairwell. They were screaming at each other.

The endless fighting was a fairly regular occurrence so I’m not sure why this stood out more than any other day. So that is my first vivid memory of this house – I was sitting in a diaper wiggling along to Duran Duran. All you can do is wiggle, you know? At that age you’re still sort of a lump of child and more complex dance moves would just topple you over.