Photo (C) Man Ray

No one ever fully warns you how terrifying love is. We live with this myth that there’s some magic answer, chasing after absolutely nothing. Realizing that, is changing everything you know about existence and every familiar habit we escape to. It’s standing on firm ground when you want to run, it’s knowing instead of doubting. It’s trusting yourself. It’s opening when you want to shut down. It’s right fucking here, this is what we are built for.

History of the Honey Bee

I often get asked what the deal is with my honey bee “obsession.” Why have so much love and fascination for these creatures that generally scare the shit out of people?! I have one single honey bee tattooed on me so far, but no ever mentions the other creepy crawlies. I guess those are just “cool tattoo images” so no need to think twice. Here’s the deal… Continue reading