Don’t be long (1/21/15)

I have never belonged to anyone, not from the very start

I thought i belonged to my mother
Until I found out she only wanted my father and
He was already a million miles away

I might have belonged to a stranger
But he didn’t get very far
by the time the police came

I might have belonged to my grandfather
But eventually people die, so after awhile I couldn’t stay

I might have belonged to a group of us girls, but they changed their minds in the 7th grade,


I just kept walking and pulling from that violent mob,
until they let me go

I thought I belonged to someone who loved me, but every time I was quite wrong

Because you see,
I have never belonged to anyone.

Not you,

Not them,

Not me.

Podcast Episode 4 – Value, Comparison & Accountability

Accountability! Oh, hello… The next She’s CRACKED! podcast episode is live and ready for you!

Episode 4 and the links below focus on:

  • Trap of becoming a “value martyr”
  • Danger of comparing yourself to others
  • How to get out of this trap!
  • Accountability and self-awareness
  • Self Improvement

I love the resources below for more reading! Ways to think about behaviors, improving self-awareness, and the importance and benefits of mastering Accountability.

Most importantly, Episode 4 is an excuse to share the  articles below, which are the pride and joy of the episode rather than my rambling. Please let me know your thoughts or how they have helped you!

Impossible Tasks and what to do about them!

Holy moly! Looking back episode 1 & 2 were rough… I’m really happy about episode 3! This episode we get into the “Impossible Task” concept! First, I explore some of the roots I believe lead to this. Second, I offer some of my favorite tools and resources to check those tasks off your list. However, this episode will be a very surface and limited exploration. Fortunately, there is always more to learn! I love discovering ways to understand our own minds!

Episode resources (Click the Links)

The Podcast is Here!

It’s finally coming together! Check out a brief introduction to the podcast >>> Episode 1 – EMDR & Hot Ass Coffee. I will ramble off a couple of thoughts on Self Help and EMDR therapy, and do a quick intro to the Hot Coffee metaphor (it will come up in later topics, too!) Check it out! I’m still in review on iTunes, so you can listen direct on your phone here or find me on the Podbean app (iOS and Android) by searching shescracked.