Nasty Women Get Shit Done

I tried to sum up why #NastyWoman is so badass at this bizarro moment in history where a narcissistic child thinks everything he doesn’t “win” (ESPECIALLY against a woman) must be “rigged.”

Nasty Women are women who:

  • Have succeeded as far, or farther than their male counterparts with half the resources and twice the criticism and obstacles
  • Say No
  • Were bullied or shamed by a man they turned down
  • Own their sexuality
  • Own their successes
  • Report rape
  • Were scared or pressured not to report, but came forward when they finally could
  • Have lost out on pay to take care of children and families
  • Have put their lives and careers on hold to raise children and families, trying to keep their sons from becoming insufferable douchebags
  • Make their own choices about their bodies and healthcare
  • Need access to make their own choices about their bodies and healthcare
  • Are unapologetic
  • Are educated
  • Want and need access to education
  • Have been manterrupted on the daily
  • Have been mansplained to in fields of their own expertise
  • Have been physically, mentally or emotionally harmed for standing up for their rights
  • Stand up for not only women’s rights, but justice for women, POC and human rights in general
  • Are civil in the face of blatant, absurd attacks
  • Aren’t civil – because fuck that, they have something to say
  • Own and lead successful businesses
  • Make resilient leaders and CEOs
  • Make bulletproof wives and mothers
  • Still have to justify their worth while doing a better job

So, essentially all of us.

more spirit, less religion.

Spirit is what connects you to the universe and everyone in it. Religion aims to divide and rule, with the promise of some ultimate reward that never comes in this life, and not until you’ve destroyed yourself or someone else. Religion of all kinds has been the bloodiest government in the history of our civilization.

I recall a comment from my undergraduate study of classical liberalism (NOT the same as contemporary “liberal”) – the professor said, “any view point so extremely at either end of the spectrum becomes essentially the same – kill everyone.”

This is the exact Western sentiment ringing across the social trash can that is the Internet right now. Yes, the exact same sentiment that leads to terrorist attacks.

Hate doesn’t “solve” a problem that is created by the very act of separating our world into varying levels of otherness. Policies, counter-attacks, blind and relentlessly misguided patriotism, religious devotion and broad, proud racism won’t save you. It won’t save any of us.

I’m thoroughly disappointed in the world. In its actions and in its reactions this week alone. Yet each day I am relentlessly optimistic.

I am cynical, yet hopeful.

It’s exhausting.