Some girls

Some girls have it so easy
They walk and their clothes drape
The way they were meant to
Their hair might be messy
But oh how charming,
Isn’t she just

Some girls have it so easy
They wake up in the morning
And someone is
In love with them

Someone who isn’t going to change their mind

Other girls we just keep existing
We should know better by now
each day we wake up expecting something to be different
Now isn’t that just the definition
Of insanity?

Some girls just have it so easy.

Please, please, please

Please tell me how your mind can be so far away
But I can still see it (it’s not so far, it’s all right there, you know)
Because I am right here, too, you know
Please if I’m making a mistake, don’t stand by and let me
And please, above anything else
Hug as tight as you can, I can feel the pieces
Compressing and shifting just like I was one solid thing,
Like I had never, ever made that mistake before.

The parachute

To function, the parachute must
Unfold reliably
Unfold consistently
Unfold without twisting
Unfold without tangling
Unfold at the right place and time

I have done all of these things,
And read all of the instructions,
Read every book ever written, But –
I twisted, and I tangled,
I unfolded in all the wrong places
All I could do was keep falling
Crashing reliably, consistently
To the ground.

Bullshit Parade

Everyone’s issuing statements and opinions, declaring unsolicited truths
Like they’re experts on other people dying
And entitled to their life
Well, have you died yet?
Do I owe you my happiness, then?
Once you have
Died every day in your life, then I’ll ask your advice.
Why can’t you just be happy?
Clearly it’s very simple,
they are all shouting.
You must be a selfish fool to be so sad.
Clearly you have never met your darkness
Never traveled your depths
Fought yourself for air…
It’s a shame, then
You will never know
Any single