Rabbit Hole of Existential Woe

I’m sick of the echo chamber of news right now. I’m sick of petty bullshit. Cruelty. Myopic woe and platitudes. We build prisons of our own design, on the nightmares we won’t wake ourselves up from …

There are people who will tell you it can’t be done, secretly hoping you fail; And people who cheer you on every step.

People who will put you through hell; and people who will stand by your side to hell and back. Love can be a deeply unsettling place when you’re not ready for it … sometimes even when you are. Do you run?

There are people satisfied with never going beneath the surface, jump ship to hide behind the next fleeting excitement, or refuse to leave the dock at all. And those who know how to weather the storm. Surprise – It’s not the ocean, it’s not the ship. Nope.

Those who barricade themselves, and those who open their arms without hesitation, no matter how many times they’ve been hurt

All around us: Those who “prove” a bias of misery, And those who “prove” that joy and light that exists – but who comes in to focus when you look?

There are those who repeat the past, stay suffocated by it, And those who grow and Change.

So if you’re lucky enough to wake up tomorrow… no matter what you’ve been – who do you WANT to be?

Check Your Intent

Outcomes, successes, money, material things, etc will not last if achieved by deceit, shortcut, or to prove someone else wrong. Rather than inviting these things because you believe yourself worthy of them, a person begins hoarding them to alter an outcome (attachment and lack) or to prove to someone else that they are worthy.

This is not IT

I keep witnessing over and over… people confusing chemistry or “it” w/ the excitement of “new” or other people’s drama. Escaping reality may start out fun but ultimately… it is not the same as seeing and truly being seen. The difference…. One is still passively letting life “happen” to you, (aka sabotaging yourself and the goodness created), so in a way avoiding facing yourself and blocking your growth. The other pushes a person to be fully present, trust the process, learn to let the discomfort flow through you to come out stronger on the other side. Probably the best thing I learned to deal with discomfort, anger, confusion, panic attacks is just let it flow through my body until it’s subsided, no matter how uncomfortable it is. I could run and push down these feelings a thousand other ways, but they’ve always nearly killed me and destroyed everything I love. And it just comes back even stronger. To illustrate this method… please refer to and enjoy this picture of emperor Palpetine…

Principles: Love & Compassion

These two principles will be a multi part saga I’m sure! I’ve been doing a lot of pre-work before EMDR sessions and putting my journals to good use. It’s crazy to really sit and unpack what I think “love” actually is. Have you ever tried?