About Me

This is my process. You’re welcome to witness it.

Professionally, I serve as a financial controller and HRBP. I began writing and other forms of media/art at a very young age, continuing on to Editor-In-Chief of my high school newspaper, and freelance writer/designer for Music and Technology trade magazines. Now in the ’90s this was a whole lot different than it is today! Writing allows me to speak my soul and it only made sense to move this into visual and audio mediums. Hence, the podcast!

There is endless beauty and hilarity, terror and delight in the world around us. Never lose your art or your soul, day by dragging day, because “often when you do, it’s too late. And there’s nothing worse than too late”  (HCBukowski)

Therapy is Expensive. Your support allows me to create art, podcasts, and video content to raise awareness and bring humor and compassion to mental health, wellness and existential discussions. Become a Patron!