Nasty Women Get Shit Done

I tried to sum up why #NastyWoman is so badass at this bizarro moment in history where a narcissistic child thinks everything he doesn’t “win” (ESPECIALLY against a woman) must be “rigged.”

Nasty Women are women who:

  • Have succeeded as far, or farther than their male counterparts with half the resources and twice the criticism and obstacles
  • Say No
  • Were bullied or shamed by a man they turned down
  • Own their sexuality
  • Own their successes
  • Report rape
  • Were scared or pressured not to report, but came forward when they finally could
  • Have lost out on pay to take care of children and families
  • Have put their lives and careers on hold to raise children and families, trying to keep their sons from becoming insufferable douchebags
  • Make their own choices about their bodies and healthcare
  • Need access to make their own choices about their bodies and healthcare
  • Are unapologetic
  • Are educated
  • Want and need access to education
  • Have been manterrupted on the daily
  • Have been mansplained to in fields of their own expertise
  • Have been physically, mentally or emotionally harmed for standing up for their rights
  • Stand up for not only women’s rights, but justice for women, POC and human rights in general
  • Are civil in the face of blatant, absurd attacks
  • Aren’t civil – because fuck that, they have something to say
  • Own and lead successful businesses
  • Make resilient leaders and CEOs
  • Make bulletproof wives and mothers
  • Still have to justify their worth while doing a better job

So, essentially all of us.