more spirit, less religion.

Spirit is what connects you to the universe and everyone in it. Religion aims to divide and rule, with the promise of some ultimate reward that never comes in this life, and not until you’ve destroyed yourself or someone else. Religion of all kinds has been the bloodiest government in the history of our civilization.

I recall a comment from my undergraduate study of classical liberalism (NOT the same as contemporary “liberal”) – the professor said, “any view point so extremely at either end of the spectrum becomes essentially the same – kill everyone.”

This is the exact Western sentiment ringing across the social trash can that is the Internet right now. Yes, the exact same sentiment that leads to terrorist attacks.

Hate doesn’t “solve” a problem that is created by the very act of separating our world into varying levels of otherness. Policies, counter-attacks, blind and relentlessly misguided patriotism, religious devotion and broad, proud racism won’t save you. It won’t save any of us.

I’m thoroughly disappointed in the world. In its actions and in its reactions this week alone. Yet each day I am relentlessly optimistic.

I am cynical, yet hopeful.

It’s exhausting.

Photo (C) Man Ray

No one ever fully warns you how terrifying love is. We live with this myth that there’s some magic answer, chasing after absolutely nothing. Realizing that, is changing everything you know about existence and every familiar habit we escape to. It’s standing on firm ground when you want to run, it’s knowing instead of doubting. It’s trusting yourself. It’s opening when you want to shut down. It’s right fucking here, this is what we are built for.

The last time I was in love (I think)
Many, many years ago
He dragged me up the stairs by my neck
Threw me on the bed
Hand over my mouth

I’m sorry I’m crying, I can’t help it
I couldn’t breathe
Love isn’t supposed to feel like that (I think)

So, scratch that
Turns out that wasn’t love (I think)
Next time I’ll get it right
Next time
(I think)