Photo (C) Man Ray

No one ever fully warns you how terrifying love is. We live with this myth that there’s some magic answer, chasing after absolutely nothing. Realizing that, is changing everything you know about existence and every familiar habit we escape to. It’s standing on firm ground when you want to run, it’s knowing instead of doubting. It’s trusting yourself. It’s opening when you want to shut down. It’s right fucking here, this is what we are built for.

The last time I was in love (I think)
Many, many years ago
He dragged me up the stairs by my neck
Threw me on the bed
Hand over my mouth

I’m sorry I’m crying, I can’t help it
I couldn’t breathe
Love isn’t supposed to feel like that (I think)

So, scratch that
Turns out that wasn’t love (I think)
Next time I’ll get it right
Next time
(I think)