First Week’s a Wrap

posted up on @REBEL8 instagram this morning – when did this picture happen?! Oh wow! But Joshy’s kind words definitely brought a smile and I am super proud to be a part of this team. Plus, now I can put my super skills to good use and know I am helping grow a company I have always admired and believe in. Be sure to follow @rebel8, @giantrebel8 and my own @honey8eee (probably not as exciting but hey). Thanks again for the kind words – cheers!

Also, be sure to check the REBEL8 website as well as the blogs!


3 thoughts on “First Week’s a Wrap

  1. Wow! So jealous of your amazing job at an awesome company if you get room for more payroll in the accounting dept let me know I would drop everything to come work for you guys. I’ll be seeing you on ig

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