los innocentes

All the things we have been through, survived up until this point, and brought upon others, have built up (and are continually building) the cache of who we are and how we navigate the world. Some of this is quite terrible. Some of this continues to hurt us, to hurt others, to cloud our judgment, and to block us from hearing what we need to hear and seeing what we need to see. Some of this is all we know. These are the things that keep us from loving. From truly seeing another person. From truly seeing ourselves.

So Much Awesome

Quick recap… In photos;

20140306-234802.jpgvisited my girl back up north and met her perfect little man! So happy for this new addition to the family and can’t wait to see everyone again!

20140306-234818.jpggoodnight pup

20140306-234843.jpga few weeks back… A couple friends from up north, en route to our sample sale at R8DTLA

20140306-234857.jpgselfie silliness

20140306-234909.jpgdel mar is gorgeous and doubles as an off leash dog park. Valentine had way too much fun! Lazy beach days are the shhhhhh….